Frequently Asked Questions

Citrix SaaS Referral Partner Program FAQ

Program Overview & Benefits

What are the program details?

  • Earn 15% in referral fees with no financial investment
  • Access to Demo Accounts to increase product knowledge
  • Online sales training and special offers
  • Short sales cycle on in-demand products
  • Quarterly payments

Who is right for the Referral Partner Program?

The Citrix SaaS Referral Partner Program is a great for IT consultants, Value Added Resource (VARs), and System integrators who serve the SMB to medium business market. Whether you are a business or an individual, promoting ShareFile, RightSignature, ShareConnect, and Podio is simple. Just recommend our solutions to your network and let us do the rest.

What is the Referral Commission?

15% commission on closed deals. Commissions will be accrued monthly and paid out quarterly in arrears, inclusive of discounts.

What Citrix products are included in the Referral Partner Program?

ShareFile, RightSignature, Podio, and ShareConnect.

How does a Referral Partner request a Demo Account?

The information required to request a Demo Account would be included in the “Welcome Email” a Referral Partner receives once they complete the subscription process.

To request a Demo Account, you will need your Advocate ID, [“Your ID is: AEN-XXXX-XXX”], which will be included in the Welcome Email. Please note that RightSignature Demo Accounts are not currently available. Demo Accounts currently available to Partners include:  ShareFile, Podio, and ShareConnect.

Is there product and enablement material available?

Yes, a Referral Partner can access the Partner Enablement Kit here -

How does a  Referral Partner and its customers sign-up for product training?

Both a Referral Partner and its customers are encouraged to sign up for product training.

Click Here to Schedule a One-on-One Training with a Citrix Care Representative, or Sign-up for a Public Training by following the appropriate link below:

Public Trainings

Registration Links


Click Here


Click Here

RightSignature 4

Click Here

RightSignature 3

Click Here


Click Here

Who can the Referral Partner contact for questions?

Send all questions to Referral Partner Help Desk:

Subscription Process

How does a Referral Partner sign up for the program?

Referral Partners have two options:

  1. The program’s landing page is located here.
  2. A Referral Partner can sign up through the corporate webpage.
  3. Signing up for the Referral Program is a simple three-step process:

    1. A Referral Partner enters their company and banking information to receive commisions
    2. Activates their account by completing the email confirmation
    3. Receives the “Welcome Email” and is ready to submit leads

    Lead Submission Process

    What counts as a Qualified Referral Lead?

    A Qualified Referral Lead must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Not be a current customer of Citrix
    2. Be confirmed as a Registered Lead through the program registration page.
    3. Sign up for a Subscription to one or more of the Citrix Services as a direct result of the Referral Program
    4. Maintain an active account for the applicable Subscription for the duration of the Active Account Period
    5. Timely pay all applicable Subscription Fees     

    Can a partner submit a lead outside of the referral platform?

    No.  Leads must be submitted through the referral platform in order to receive the 15% commission.

    What are the lead submission methods?

    The lead submission page is the partner landing page after login. There are several ways a Referral Partner can submit a lead.

    1. The first method is via the webform. Once a lead is submitted it will be routed directly to Citrix Sales within 24 business hours.
    2. The other options are via social media, email, and sharable URL.

    When will Citrix contact the prospect?

    All leads submitted through the program have a 24 hr. service level objective.  Submitted leads will be contacted on the following business day, during U.S. business hours.  Note that leads submitted on a Friday will be worked the following Monday.  The next business day policy also applies to Citrix U.S. holidays.

    Can I submit a lead and mark them as “Do Not Call?”

    No.  Any lead submitted through the program will be contacted by the Citrix Sales Team on the following business day.

    Is a Referral Partner able to provide background or instructions to Citrix Sales reps regarding the lead or prospect?

    Yes.  A Referral Partner can choose that option in the lead submission form by adding details in the “Notes to Sales rep” section. Citrix Sales reps will follow the Referral Partners’ instructions as it pertains to the lead and end customer.  Please note that Citrix will always contact a Referral Partner before engaging with the prospect.

    What happens if an account churns mid-month?

    If an account churns at any point within a month, the Referral Partner will not receive commission.

    How can I check the status of the lead?

    Once a Referral Partner logs into the platform with their credentials, they will be able to monitor their activity via the Advocate Dashboard by clicking on “My Account,” located at the top right hand corner of the lead submission page.

    What do the reward statuses mean?

    Suggested = Lead has been submitted by Advocate
    Accepted = Advocate has sent information to prospect
    Under Review = Lead has been entered into Citrix CRM
    In Progress = Opportunity is being worked by Citrix Sales

    Who will manage billing?

    Citrix will bill the customer directly.

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